Digraph PH Word Work – Printables & Activities for Literacy Centers


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Are you looking for a fun way to teach digraph PH? Grab this bundle of activities where students practice reading and spelling digraph ph words. This word work packet includes 9 activities to teach words with beginning digraph ph. These can be used in centers, small groups, or during whole group instruction. Manipulating sounds is a necessary foundational skill in learning to read. Get these digraph ph activities and add them to your small group activities or reading centers!

Digraph PH Activities Included:

  • 1 Color the Digraph
  • 1 Highlight a Word
  • 1 Digraph PH Reading Comprehension Page
  • 1 Read, Write, Draw Page
  • 1 Time to Rhyme Page (with second version for differentiation)
  • 1 Spin a Word Onset & Rime Page
  • 1 Set Beginning, Middle, & End PH Sorting Cards
  • 1 Digraph PH Memory Game
  • 1 Set of Digraph PH Clip Cards


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