Find the Sight Words Pages Pre-Primer through Third Grade plus EDITABLE Template


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Are you looking for a fun way to practice sight word recognition? Use these editable & pre-filled Find the Sight Word pages. Students can use a bingo dabber or they can use crayons/markers to color in each circle when they find the focus sight word!

This includes a completely editable document! Add whatever words you want to the page, save under a new name to use again next year, and then print!

Included in this resource:

  • 1 Fillable PDF
  • 1 PDF with pre-filled words for Pre-Primer
  • 1 PDF with pre-filled words for Primer
  • 1 PDF with pre-filled words for First Grade
  • 1 PDF with pre-filled words for Second Grade
  • 1 PDF with pre-filled words for Third Grade

This is part of the GROWING editable bundle for sight word practice.


I’m having trouble printing from the PowerPoint. What is the problem?

If you’re having trouble printing, try saving your changes as a PDF and printing from there! This will lock in any formatting changes.

What words are on each page in the pre-filled PDFs?

Each page includes a random mixture of words from that Dolch level. For example, in the Pre-Primer pages, the focus sight word may be make. In addition to that word, there will be other words from the Pre-Primer list on that page. The different Dolch levels are not intermixed on the pages. There would not be a First Grade word on a Primer page.

How do I use the fillable PDF to add my words?

Simply type each word (up to 6) into a fillable space. These will auto-populate into the following 6 pages. These pages differ from the pre-filled pages because only these 6 words will be on each page. This is very helpful if you’re teaching the sight words in chunks. After you’ve added your words, save the PDF under a new name so that you can reuse it next year!

Other teachers and homeschoolers just like you have said:


“I LOVE THIS!! I bought Dabbers and didn’t have a lot to use them with, but these are perfect and I have different levels for each group. I also have the on level sight words in their desk in a folder they can do independently as well.” -Kelly


“I loved this! Thank you for creating this editable template.” -Bilingual Latinx

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