Leap Day Activities 2024 – Leap Year Classroom Celebration


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Celebrate Leap Year 2024 with your class! Use these Leap Day activities with your class on February 29th! We only have a leap year every four years, so use this opportunity to teach your students about this fun day.

What’s included:

  • Leap Day Frog: Students will make a frog and write down facts about leap years. You could also attach the flipbook to the frog instead of the Hoppy Leap Day label. These look great on a bulletin board!
  • Leap Day Informational Page: Choose the page that works best for your class – the reading passage with comprehension questions or the passage with fill-in-the-blanks.
  • Leap Year Extras Page: Students will draw a picture to show something they they do not what to have extra of and something that they do.
  • Leap Year Fun Page: Students will fill in the blanks about this leap year and the next. They will make a goal for the next leap year.
  • February Calendar: Students will fill in the calendar to show the days in the month of February. This is a great opportunity to teach students about calendars and days of the week. Students can mark other important days on the calendar.
  • Number Designs: Students will use the number to create a drawing on the page. Includes numbers 29 and 4. Includes large and small numbers so you can choose what works best for your class. Younger students may have trouble creating a drawing for two numbers, so it may be better to use the number 4 for little ones.
  • Leap Day Informational Flip Book: Choose from the two flipbooks – one has fill-in-the-blanks and one does not. The flipbook has information about why we have leap years and facts about leap years.
  • Leap Day Task Cards: Includes two sets of cards – one that includes primarily movement activities & one with leap year trivia. These can be used as task cards placed around the room, as a scoot activity, or an independent center.
  • Leap Day Headband: Students will decorate and assemble the headbands to wear on Leap Day.


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