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Celebrate Mother’s Day with this sweet coupon book! This activity includes variations for Aunt and Grandma. Students can write and draw on each coupon slip. They can also draw a picture of themselves and their mom on the cover page. Print on colored paper for added fun! If students are having trouble generating ideas for their coupon book, show them the list of ideas included in this resource.

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“The cutest low prep Mother’s Day gift! I love how students can customize it by drawing a picture of themselves and their mom on the cover! Too cute and mamas will love the coupons! Thank you!” -xoMissO


“Such a fun idea to celebrate Mother’s Day! This activity is easy for little learners and comes out super cute. Love all the different options too!” -The Bright Classroom


“I love the idea of having students give their moms a coupon book for Mother’s Day! Students enjoyed decorating and making them special for their moms! It was a fun, quick, and easy activity and they liked coloring and decorating for their special person in their lives!” -germanyLCT

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