Sadlier Math First Grade Chapter 14: Equal Shares


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These activities are designed to go along with Sadlier Math for first grade, but can also be used with any other math series!

Students will

  • identify equal and unequal shares
  • identify larger or smaller shares
  • identify halves and fourths
  • create equal shares

These 7 activities help first grade students practice identifying equal shares.

– Equal and Unequal Sorting Cards

– Equal Shares Write & Wipe

– Halves Sorting Cards + Recording Page

– Fourths Sorting Cards + Recording Page

– Sorting Halves and Fourths Cut & Glue Pages

– Partitioning Shapes Write & Wipe + Recording Page

– Comparing Shares Task Cards + Recording Page

Plus the following DIGITAL Sadlier Math activities! – Compatible with Google Classroom

94 slides in total

  • Comparing Shares Digital Task Cards
  • Equal or Unequal Digital Task Cards
  • Identifying Equal Shares Digital Task Cards
  • Making Equal Shares Digital Task Cards

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