Sadlier Math First Grade Chapter 16: Money


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These activities are designed to go along with Sadlier Math for first grade, but can also be used with any other math series!

Students will

  • count on with pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters
  • match money values to coins
  • build coin values
  • solve money word problems

These activities are compatible with the Sadlier Math series and can be used to supplement the Sadlier Math lessons for first grade.

These 12 activities help first grade students practice identifying and counting money.

– Count On Coins Write & Wipe

– Counting Pennies & Nickels Task Cards

– Counting Pennies & Nickels Homework

– Counting Dimes & Quarters Task Cards

– Counting Dimes & Quarters Homework

– Counting Mixed Coins Task Cards

– Counting Mixed Coins Homework

– Matching Coin Values Cards

– Matching Money Homework

– Read It, Build It, Count It Write & Wipe Cards

– Counting Money Word Problem Task Cards

– Money Word Problem Homework

Plus the following DIGITAL Sadlier Math activities! – Compatible with Google Classroom

89 slides in total

  • Matching Coin Values Digital Task Cards
  • Counting On Coins Digital Task Cards
  • Money Word Problems Digital Task Cards
  • Build It, Count It Digital Task Cards

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