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It’s raining kindness! This simple but effective social emotional learning activity is a great way to review kindness with your students. Build classroom community by encouraging your students to write kind words to their classmates!

Students will write compliments or kind words to their classmates on the hearts. Then they will then hang their kindness hearts from the umbrella. They can decorate the umbrella however they like, or you can print the pieces on different colors like you see in the sample photos.

Watch the preview video to see how this craft is made!

So that no child is left out or has fewer hearts than others, I would suggest assigning students to write to one another. Give them some time to think about compliments that they could give and model examples.

See example for student ‘Mallory’ in the cover and thumbnails. Remind students that their compliments should be truthful.

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“My kids love this Activity for our kindness day!” -Katelin


“This was a great SEL activity and it makes a great spring display!” -TeachingWithKindnessin3rd


“I love this resource! We used this as a refresher for kindness and also as a writing piece, and this was fantastic!” -Faith



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