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This word choice activity can be used for a Word of the Year display! Do you love the book “The Word Collector” by Peter H. Reynolds? Use this activity to allow your students to explore the magic of words! Students can choose a word or phrase that they think is powerful and write or draw why it’s special to them. They could also choose a word that they hope will describe their year. This is a great way to introduce setting goals with your students.

Also included are bulletin board letters to print and cut for a hallway display!

*This activity is meant to be done in class with students. It is not designed to be sent to individual students for them to print at home.

Teachers just like you have said…


“I LOVED this activity! My kids had so much fun and their thoughts were so sweet. It was a perfect addition to a social-emotional lesson on the impact of our words and actions!” -Syd Smith


“1st graders loved it” -Deanna B.

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