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Use these labels to create a command center in your classroom! Add them to a magnetic board along with some washi tape and students can move their numbered magnet whenever they leave the room!

You can get adhesive magnets for the numbers – I used these from Walmart! Each student is assigned a number (I always did this anyway for data purposes) and they move their magnet when they have permission to leave.

I ended up not using the bathroom lights the entire year. I got tired of replacing the batteries and just had students move their magnet to the bathroom ‘space’ on the board instead of moving their magnet and turning on the light.

A few options included for lunch: Choice 1/Choice 2, Hot/Cold, School/Home

Also includes date cards to use with a magnetic curtain rod! See how I use this in my classroom here.

I use this magnetic curtain rod from Walmart, but there are plenty available on Amazon as well! I do wish that the rod I got from Walmart had more distance between the board and the rod. This one is only about 1 1/4 inch of clearance. ***If you can find ones that sit further from the wall/board, I would recommend those over the one I linked above!


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