Winter Early Finishers – December Print & Go Review Pages for 1st Grade


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Are you looking for some print-and-go ELA and MATH early finisher resources for winter? Use these printables to review language arts and math skills with your students! All activities have a winter theme and were created with first graders in mind. The activities are meant to review some kindergarten concepts and practice new first grade skills.

Skills Covered:


  • rhyming words
  • medial sounds
  • short vowel sounds
  • simple sentences
  • end blends (-mp, -ft, -nd, -nk, -nt, -sk, -sp, -st)
  • short vowel word families with blends & digraphs
  • digraphs (sh, ch, th, ph, kn)
  • syllables
  • inflectional endings -ed & -ing
  • compound words
  • singular & plural nouns
  • sentences with capital letters & periods
  • nouns & verbs
  • end marks
  • ABC order


  • number sequencing
  • even and odd numbers
  • decomposing numbers to 20
  • ten frame addition
  • ten frame subtraction
  • graphing
  • addition to 20
  • missing addends
  • number line addition to 20
  • number line subtraction to 20
  • counting place value models
  • 10 more & 10 less
  • creating and solving addition equations
  • creating and solving subtraction equations
  • comparing numbers
  • counting coins (pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters)
  • telling time to the hour

What’s Included:


  • Reindeer Rhymes: Students will read the word and write a rhyming word. (4 pages)
  • Middle Sound Mittens: Students will use the color code at the bottom of the page to color the mittens based on the picture’s medial sound. (2 pages)
  • Snowy Sounds: Students will cut and glue the pictures to sort them based on their short vowel sound.
  • Simple Sentences: Students will read the simple sentences and match them to their picture.
  • Winter Boot Blends: Each pair of boots on the page has a picture. Students will use the code to color the boots based on the picture’s end blend. (2 pages)
  • Sentence Stories: Students will match the picture to its sentence.
  • Word Family Fun: Students will look at the pictures and write the picture names under the correct short vowel word family. (5 pages – 1 for each short vowel)
  • December Digraphs: Students will color or dab the digraph that they hear in each word. Includes beginning, medial, and final digraphs. (3 pages)
  • Snowflake Sentences: Students will color the snowflake based on whether its sentence is correct or incorrect. They will look for capital letters at the beginning of the sentence and a period at the end to determine whether it is correct.
  • Seasonal Syllables: Students will cut and glue the pictures to sort them by syllables – 1, 2, or 3. Includes a second version that names the pictures.
  • Warm Word Endings: Students will read the verbs and add an -ed and -ing ending to each word.
  • Cold Weather Compounds: Students will match words to create compound words. They will cut and glue the children on top of each snow sled.
  • Winter Words: Students will color the ice skate to indicate whether the word is a noun or verb.
  • Polar Punctuation: Students will cut and glue the correct end mark (period, question mark, or exclamation mark) for each sentence.
  • Singular or Plural Nouns: Students will read each word and determine whether it is a singular or plural noun. They will write the word in the correct space on the page.
  • Arctic ABCs: Students will use the alphabet line to sort the winter words into alphabetical order. They will cut and glue their ordered words.


  • Nutmeg Numbers: Students will identify numbers that are missing in the ordinal patterns and write the number on each winter mug. Includes numbers to 55.
  • Even or Odd Earmuffs: Students will color the earmuffs and mittens to indicate whether the number is even or odd. Different versions include numbers and objects. (3 pages)
  • Decompose to 20: Students will color linking cubes to show the decomposition of the number. They will then create an addition equation to show their decomposition. Includes three pages for differentiation. (3 pages)
  • Ten Frame Trees (Addition): Students will draw circles in the ten frames to solve the addition equation. Includes a second version with the first addend already represented in the ten frame. (2 pages)
  • Ten Frame Trees (Subtraction): Students will cross out trees in the ten frames to solve the subtraction equation.
  • Blizzard Bar Graph: Students will use winter images to create a bar graph.
  • Mitten Math: Students will match the addition equation to its ten frame. (2 pages)
  • Missing Addend Animals: Students will find the missing addend to make the addition equation true.
  • North Pole Number Lines: Students will use the number lines to add and subtract to twenty. Includes one set with indicators for the first addend/minuend. (4 pages)
  • Addition Avalanche: Students will spin two numbers and use them to create an addition equation. (3 pages for differentiation)
  • Subtraction Snow: Students will spin two numbers and use them to create a subtraction equation. (3 pages for differentiation)
  • Polar Place Value: Students will use the place value models to find the number.
  • 10 More & 10 Less: Students will write ten more and ten less than the number show.
  • Cool Comparing Numbers: Students will spin the two numbers and use them to write a comparison statement. Includes numbers to 99.
  • Counting Coins: Students will count the coins for each winter item and write the amount on the tag.
  • Toasty Telling Time: Students will read the analog clock for each winter activity and write its time.


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