Back to School Early Finishers & Review Pages for 1st Grade


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Are you looking for some print-and-go ELA and MATH resources for back to school season?Use these printables to review language arts and math skills with your students! All activities have a school theme and were created with first graders in mind. The skills are meant to review kindergarten concepts and practice new first grade skills.

Skills Covered:


  • rhyming words
  • beginning sounds
  • short vowel sounds
  • simple sentences
  • beginning blends (l-blends, r-blends, s-blends)
  • short vowel word families
  • medial sounds in cvc words
  • final sounds in cvc words
  • syllables


  • number sequencing (before and after, numbers to 10)
  • decomposing numbers to 10
  • ten frame addition
  • ten frame subtraction
  • making ten to add
  • graphing
  • addition to 10
  • missing addends
  • nonstandard measurement
  • number line addition to 10
  • number line subtraction to 10
  • counting place value models
  • creating and solving addition equations
  • creating and solving subtraction equations
  • comparing numbers


What’s Included:


  • Reading Rhymes: Students will read the word and write a rhyming word.
  • Beginning Sound Books: Students will use the color code at the bottom of the page to color the books based on the picture’s beginning sound. (3 pages)
  • Super Vowel Sounds: Students will cut and glue the pictures to sort them based on their short vowel sound.
  • Simple Sentences: Students will read the simple sentences and match them to their picture.
  • Backpack Blends: Each backpack on the page has a picture. Students will use the code to color the backpack based on the picture’s blend. (2 pages)
  • Sentence Stories: Students will match the picture to its sentence.
  • Word Family Fun: Students will look at the pictures and write the picture names under the correct short vowel word family. (5 pages – 1 for each short vowel)
  • Missing Middle Sounds: Students will color or dab the vowel sound that they hear in the middle of each word. (2 pages)
  • Easy Ending Sounds: Students will write in the final sound to name the picture. (2 pages)
  • School Syllables: Students will cut and glue the pictures to sort them by syllables – 1, 2, or 3. Includes a second version that names the pictures.


  • Name the Number: Students will identify numbers that come before and after the number on each apple. Includes numbers to ten.
  • Decompose to 10: Students will color linking cubes to show the decomposition of the number. They will then create an addition equation to show their decomposition. Includes two sets with three pages in each set for differentiation. (6 pages)
  • Ten Frame Addition: Students will draw circles in the ten frames to solve the addition equation. Includes a second version with the first addend already represented in the ten frame. (2 pages)
  • Ten Frame Subtraction: Students will cross out counters in the ten frames to solve the subtraction equation.
  • Number Notebooks: Students will cut and glue the notebooks into the correct space to order numbers 1-20.
  • Making Ten: Students will cross out and draw counters in the ten frame to make ten. Then they will solve the addition equation.
  • Back to School Graphing: Students will use school images to create a graph.
  • After School Addition: Students will match the addition equation to its ten frame. (2 pages)
  • Missing Addend Match: Students will find the missing addend to make the addition equation true.
  • Measuring Madness: Students will cut out the paperclips and use them to measure the items on the page.
  • Nifty Number Lines: Students will use the number lines to add and subtract to ten. Includes one set with indicators for the first addend. (4 pages)
  • Awesome Addition: Students will spin two numbers and use them to create an addition equation. (3 pages)
  • Super Subtraction: Students will spin two numbers and use them to create a subtraction equation. (3 pages)
  • Perfect Place Value: Students will use the place value models to find the number. (2 pages)
  • 1 More & 1 Less: Students will write one less and one more than the number shown. Includes numbers to twenty.
  • Comparing Numbers: Students will spin the two numbers and use them to write a comparison statement. Includes numbers to twenty.


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