Color by Code: Back to School Color by Number Activity – Addition & Subtraction


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Do your students struggle with addition and subtraction facts? Use these fun school-themed pages to practice math facts with your students! These color by number printables are perfect for morning work, homework, or an independent activity.

There are 12 pages of Back to School color by code practice for addition facts 1-20 and 12 pages for subtraction facts 1-20!

How can I use these printable color by number pages in my classroom?

These pages can be used as an independent activity! Each page has numbers and number words listed (for e.g. 1 one, 2 two) along with a code at the top. For students that struggle to read number words, make a model for them with only the code at the top colored. They can look at your code and match the color to the color word on their own page.

These pages can be used as morning work, homework, an independent center activity, or as an early finisher. Students will practice addition facts and feel like they are completing a fun coloring page!

What makes these color by number pages effective learning tools?

  • Not only are students developing meaningful math fact skills, but they are also engaging in fine motor practice. They have to color neatly and inside the lines. This requires the use of fine motor skills.
  • They also get to stimulate the creative side of their brain! Coloring is viewed as a ‘fun’ activity and students will enjoy the opportunity to be creative.
  • These printables also increase student engagement. When a student sees a blank coloring page, they feel the anticipating of what could be. This is the ideal brain space for learning!
  • Coloring is calming. Completing these pages will be much less stressful than doing a round of flashcards. This is brain-friendly practice!


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