Digraph NG Word Work – Printables & Activities for Literacy Centers


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Are you looking for a fun way to teach digraph NG? Grab this bundle of activities where students practice reading and spelling digraph ng words. This word work packet includes 12 activities to teach words with ending digraph ng. These can be used in centers, small groups, or during whole group instruction. Manipulating sounds is a necessary foundational skill in learning to read. Get these digraph ng activities and add them to your small group activities or reading centers!

Digraph NG Activities Included:

  • 1 Color the Digraph
  • 1 Highlight a Word
  • 1 Digraph Reading Comprehension Page
  • 2 Cut & Glue Pages
  • 1 Read, Write, Draw Page
  • 1 Time to Rhyme Page
  • 1 Spin a Word Onset & Rime Page
  • 2 Sound Detectives Pages
  • 1 Set of Digraph Clip Cards
  • 1 Set of Digraph NG Blending Cards
  • 1 Set of Missing Sound Cards
  • 1 Digraph NG Memory Game


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