Sadlier Math First Grade Chapter 5: Measurement: Length


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These activities are designed to go along with Sadlier Math but can also be used with any other math series!

These 11 activities help students practice comparing object lengths and measuring the length of objects using various units of measurements.

– Correct and Incorrect Measurement Sort

– Differing Measurements with Indirect Objects Task Cards

– Identify Shortest & Longest Write & Wipe

– Ordering Items by Length Homework

– Indirect Comparison Task Cards

– Measurement Scavenger Hunt

– Nonstandard Measurement Task Cards

– Using Items to Measure Homework

– Measuring with a Ruler Task Cards

– Using a Ruler to Measure Homework

– Order Items Write & Wipe

Students will

  • order objects by length
  • identify shortest and longest objects
  • make indirect comparisons
  • identify correct and incorrect measurements
  • measure objects using units of measurement such as cubes, paperclips, beans, and rulers

Plus the following DIGITAL Sadlier Math activities! – Compatible with Google Classroom

62 slides in total

  • Correct or Incorrect Measuring Digital Task Cards
  • Indirect Comparison Digital Task Cards
  • Measure with a Ruler Digital Task Cards
  • Measure with Indirect Objects Digital Task Cards
  • Ordering Objects Digital Task Cards

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