Summer Review & May Early Finishers for 1st Grade


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Are you looking for some print-and-go ELA and MATH resources for summer? Use these printables to review language arts and math skills with your students! All activities have a summer theme!

Skills Covered:


  • rhyming words
  • phonics patterns (CVC words, beginning blends, digraphs, CVCe words)
  • compound words
  • sentence capitalization
  • common and proper nouns
  • alphabetical order
  • sentence punctuation (end marks – question marks, periods, exclamation marks)
  • singular and plural nouns
  • plural noun endings (-s, -es, -ies)
  • possessive nouns
  • verb tenses (-ed, -ing)
  • nouns, verbs, and adjectives
  • open and closed syllables
  • contractions


  • graphing
  • even and odd numbers
  • telling time to the hour & half hour
  • balancing equations
  • counting coins
  • missing addends
  • 10 more and 10 less
  • counting place value models
  • expanded form
  • creating and solving addition equations
  • creating and solving subtraction equations
  • comparing numbers



What’s Included:


  • Relaxing Rhymes: Students will read the word and write a rhyming word. (3 pages)
  • Bubbly Summer Sounds: Students will use the phonics code at the bottom of the page to color the bubbles. (6 pages)
  • Crabby Compounds: Students will match words to create compound words. They will cut and glue the clovers into the fields. Includes an alternative with picture aids. (2 pages)
  • Capitalization Ice Cream Cones: Students will look for correct capitalization at the beginning of sentences. They will cut and glue each sentence into the spaces to indicate whether it is correct or not.
  • Common and Proper Castles: Students will color each sandcastle to indicate whether it contains a common or proper noun.
  • Summer ABC Order: Students will use the alphabet line to sort the summer words into alphabetical order. They will cut and glue their ordered words.
  • Super Shark End Marks: Students will color each sentence to indicate whether it requires a question mark or exclamation mark.
  • Punctuation Popsicles: Students will cut and glue the correct end mark (period, question mark, or exclamation mark) for each sentence.
  • Singular or Plural Nouns: Students will read each word and determine whether it is a singular or plural noun. They will write the word in the correct space on the page.
  • Pineapple Plurals: Students will color each pineapple to indicate whether it requires -s, -es, or -ies to make the word plural.
  • Beachy Possessive Nouns: Students will read each phrase and turn it into a possessive noun by writing it on the lines. (2 pages)
  • Wonderful Word Endings: Students will read the verbs and add an -ed and -ing ending to each word. (2 pages)
  • Word Sort Watermelons: Students will read the nouns and verbs and write them in groups.
  • Playful Parts of Speech: Students will color the clovers to indicate whether the word is a noun, verb, or adjective.
  • Sunny Syllables: Students will cut and glue to sort the one-syllable words into open and closed syllables.
  • Ice Cream Contractions: Students will write a contraction with the words provided. (4 pages)


  • Golden Graphing: Students will use summer images to graph the different colors.
  • Even or Odd: Students will color the fireflies to indicate whether the number is even or odd. Different versions include numbers and objects. (2 pages)
  • Time for a Beach Day: Students will read the analog clock for each activity and write its time. (2 pages)
  • Balancing Equations: Students will cut and glue the equations to make them balanced.
  • Cool Coins: Students will count the coins for each St. Patrick’s Day item and write the amount on the tag.
  • Melting Missing Addends: Students will cut and glue the missing addend to make the equation true.
  • 10 More & 10 Less: Students will write 10 more and 10 less than each number.
  • Expanded Form Fish: Students will write the expanded form of each number on the lines.
  • Place Value Party: Students will count the tens and ones models and write the number in the box.
  • Addition Adventures: Students will spin two numbers and use them to create an addition equation. (3 pages)
  • Swimming Subtraction: Students will spin two numbers and use them to create a subtraction equation. (3 pages)
  • Comparing Numbers: Students will spin the two numbers and use them to write a comparison statement.


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