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Use this resource to introduce alphabetical order to your students! There are 7 activities included. Want more ELA activities? Check out the grammar bundle!

What’s included?

  • 1 word order sort: Students will read the words on each card and sort them into alphabetical order. You can add or remove cards as needed to make the task more challenging.
  • 27 spelling pattern ABC order worksheets: Students will read each set of words and cut and glue them into alphabetical order. 27 pages included, each with a different spelling pattern.
  • 1 scoot/task card set: Students will read the words on each card and determine if they are in alphabetical order or not. This can be done as a scoot activity or as a simple task card center.
  • 3 ABC cut and glue worksheets: Students will use the alphabet spaces to cut and glue the words into ABC order. Three sets included
  • 3 mystery ABC task card sets: Students will determine which word belongs in the space to have correct alphabetical order. They can write the correct word on the recording sheet. Three sets included for differentiation.
  • 3 falling for ABC order worksheets: Students will read each list of words and rewrite them in alphabetical order.
  • 2 sets of ABC order sorting cards: Students will use an alphabet line to put the word cards in alphabetical order. Optional recording pages included for students to order their words.

What skill is covered in these activities?

Alphabetical order is a necessary indexing skill. Having a consistent order of letters provides a useful way for children to learn the alphabet easily. Throughout our lives, we are indexing alphabetically and we may not even realize it. These activities will help students practice ordering alphabetically by the first and second letters.

How should I use this resource in my classroom?

  • The sorting cards, scoot activity, and task cards are appropriate for partner work or a small group activity.
  • The worksheets can be used as homework, morning work, an early finisher page, or another independent activity. All optional recording pages could also be used in this manner.


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