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Use this resource to introduce subjects and predicates to your students! There are 5 activities included. Want more sentence activities? Check out the grammar bundle!

What’s included?

  • 1 set of beginning and ending match cards: Students will use the color code (blue and green) to match up a sentence beginning to a sentence ending. Optional recording page included
  • 1 worksheet: Students will read each apple and determine if it is a noun (subject) or verb (predicate). Two versions included for the terms noun/verb and who/did what. It was helpful when my students were still unsure of nouns and verbs to ask if a sentence had a ‘who’ and a ‘did what’ in it.
  • 1 statement sort: Students will read each card and determine if it is complete or incomplete. Two sets included for the terms statement and sentence. Optional recording page included.
  • 1 statements flip book: Students will create a flip book and sort complete and incomplete sentences. Two sets included for the terms statement and sentence.
  • 1 sentence sort: Students will read each cupcake card and determine if it is a complete or incomplete sentence. They will sort the cards accordingly. Optional recording page included.

What skill is covered in these activities?

Sentence structure can be very complex. Understanding that every sentence requires a subject and predicate is a necessary foundational skill to build upon as students get older. These activities will help students understand that sentences begin with a noun (subject), followed by a verb and predicate. These terms (subject, predicate) are not used within this resource. Instead, the terms statement and sentence are used. Students will be exposed to sentence structure by building sentences using subjects and predicates and identifying complete or incomplete sentences.

How should I use this resource in my classroom?

  • The sorting cards, matching activity, and flip book are appropriate for partner work or a small group activity.
  • The color code worksheet can be used as homework, morning work, an early finisher page, or another independent activity. All optional recording pages could also be used in this manner.


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