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Use this resource to practice identifying correct apostrophes in contractions with your students! There are 4 activities included and an informational poster. Want more activities? Check out the grammar bundle!

What’s included?

  • 1 set matching cards: Students will match an incorrect contraction card to its correct one. They can color the correct contractions on the included recording page.
  • 1 matching worksheet: Students will match the contraction to the words that make up the contraction.
  • 1 sorting card activity: Students will read the contractions and sort them into correct apostrophes and incorrect apostrophes. They will color code the page to indicate correct and incorrect apostrophes.
  • 1 set of task cards: Students will choose the correct contraction on each task card and circle it on the recording page.
  • 1 informational poster: Print in a large format and display in the classroom to remind students about correct apostrophes.

What skill is covered in these activities?

Students often confuse where apostrophes go in contractions, especially because in different contractions they replace different letters. These activities will help students practice identifying the correct placement of apostrophes in contractions.

How should I use this resource in my classroom?

  • All activities included are appropriate for independent work, partner work or a small group activity.
  • The informational poster is meant to be displayed in the classroom for student reference.


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