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Use this resource to practice inflectional ending -ed with your students! There are six activities included and an informational poster to display in your classroom. Want more activities? Check out the inflectional ending bundle!

What’s included?

  • 1 informational poster
  • 1 set of matching cards: Students will match the present tense verb with its past tense verb. They can record their matches on the optional recording page.
  • 1 set of task cards: Students will add -ed to the end of the verbs on each card. They can write the new word on the recording page (optional).
  • 1 flip book: Students will cut and fold the flip book and then cut the sorting words. They can glue the words with and without inflectional endings into the correct spaces.
  • 1 set of sorting cards: Students will sort the word cards into two groups: actions happening now and actions that happened in the past.
  • 1 set of I Have, Who Has: Students will listen for their matching word and read their card. For example, Student A will read ‘I have the first card. Who has yelled?’ Student B will read ‘I have yelled. Who has yelling?’ Students will continue until they get to the last card.
  • 1 set of task cards: Students will spin either an -ed or -ing ending and then add it to the word on each card using the recording page.

What are inflectional endings?

Inflectional endings are parts of words that are added to the end of a base or root word. Inflectional endings can indicate number (singular or plural) or indicate word tense (past, present, or future). For example, adding the inflectional ending -ed to the verb ‘pack’ is necessary when it is an action that happened in the past.

How should I use this resource in my classroom?

  • The poster can be displayed in your classroom and used to teach students about the inflectional ending -ed. It can be printed in large format and kept for next year!
  • The task cards and sorting cards can be used in small groups or with student partners.
  • The I Have, Who Has game is best played with teacher supervision. If students have trouble reading the words, display them and practice reading them together before playing the game.
  • The flip book is a great sorting activity that can be completed independently, with a partner, in a small group, or whole group. Students will read the words and match them with the correct tense – past tense or present tense. Students can cut and glue the words under the correct group.


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